Know your rights in the lead up to Boxing Day trade

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Sales event: Stores will be allowed to open for trade on Boxing Day after laws passed in state parliament last month.A hotline has been established for workers and businesses to help ensure they are aware of their rights and responsibilities in the lead up to Boxing Day trade.
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Stores will be allowed to open for trade on Boxing Day after laws passed in parliament last month.

Retail workers fear thelegislationwill rob them of time with family and friends in the Christmas holiday period.

Thelegislation,now uniform across NSW,gives retailers, employees and consumers the freedom to trade, work and shop on Boxing Day.

The retail workers union–SDA– condemned the decision saying the NSW Governemnt had“disregarded clear researchand opposition from retail workers and most employers.”

“The passing of this legislation will ruin Christmas for workers and their families forcing thousands to work when they should be enjoying time with family and friends,” a SDA spokeswoman said.

“Mums and Dads who should be with their kids will be pressured back to work on Boxing Day.”

Treasurer and Minister for Industrial Relations Dominic Perrottet said the NSW Government was rolling out a comprehensive education campaign as part of the reforms to provide retail workers with the choice to work on Boxing Day.

“A two-year trial found clear support for unrestricted Boxing Day trade across NSW so that businesses outside Sydney’s CBD including those in regional centres have the option to open their doors,” Mr Perrottet said.

“As workplaces start having roster discussions now ahead of December 26, we have a package of support in place for workers and their employers.

“We want to make sure anyone with questions has multiple avenues to get the right advice, either through our hotline, web seminars or the website.

“There is a choice as to whether people trade, work or shop on one of the busiest shopping days of the year and I encourage people to make an informed decision.”

New laws provide strict safeguards to protect workers, with retailers who force staff to work on December 26 facing fines of up to $11,000 per employee.

Penalties of up to $22,000 will apply for landlords that force tenants to open on Boxing Day.

The Boxing Day Hotline number is131 628.